Discover The Benefits Of Stone Plastic (Polymer) Composite Flooring

A relatively new option for residential flooring, many distributors are switching to luxury vinyl flooring to bring a stylish look and feel to their cutomers’ home.

Also known as LVC, luxury vinyl flooring offers a variety of benefits to a home’s flooring. From look and feel to durability, solid core vinyl flooring can be a great choice for those looking to boost their home’s value and enjoy a luxury flooring.


As LVC expands in popularity, newer methods of flooring application are emerging on the market. One of the fastest growing styles of solid core vinyl flooring is known as stone plastic composite (SPC). By expanding on the manufacturing of LVC, SPC brings many benefits to homes that homeowners can see and experience immediately.

What Is Stone Plastic Composite Flooring?

Also referred to as “stone polymer composite”, SPC combines a PVC dust with a limestone core and a stabilizer to create a more dense vinyl flooring result. The strength and durability of SPC is up to ten times stronger than wood composite, and offers plenty of benefits to homes.


Not only does the SPC rigid core offer increased durability and impact resistance, but it gives the vinyl flooring a unique look and feel that homeowners love.

The Benefits Of Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

Of the many benefits of Stone Polymer Flooring, here are a few that are making this vinyl flooring style a top-seller around the globe:

  • Waterproof
  • Pet & Kid Impact-Proof
  • Designed to withstand humid environments
  • Offers fire-resistance and spill-resistant
  • Requires no installation acclimation when applied
  • Can be installation easily without waste or material dust
  • Requires no need for dye lots
  • Offers increased soundproofing from SPC-backed padding

Bring Home Stone Plastic (Polymer) Composite Flooring Today With Willflor

With the many benefits that SPC vinyl flooring offers, it is no wonder that this flooring is flying off our shelves. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of stone polymer composite flooring, or learn about other luxury vinyl flooring products, visit Willflor online.

As a premier manufacturer of high-quality vinyl flooring, Willflor can guide you through the process of bringing SPC flooring to your warehouse. Visit us online to learn more.

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